Matt and Luke

Photo Gallery


Two year old Luke was given the opportunity to drive at Disney's "Autotopia" but things took a turn for the worst when a Disney Cast Member forgot to raise the safety rail that keeps vehicles on the track. Take a look...




Here's daddy "DJ Peace" unmasked with Matt. They are promoting the new KISS CD: Sonic Boom for a contest. The 2nd photo features Matt trying to make off with the new CD and the 3rd photo features Matt doing his best Gene Simmons imitation to date. We do it All for the Glory!!


Our first pictures are actually "Sketches" from Matt and Luke's first trip to Chuck E. Cheese Restaurant. They enjoyed the cars, horses, mediocre pizza, games and the very cool: flying helicopter ride!

Here's mommy and Luke followed by mommy and Matt.

Here's Matt and Luke with Mommy and Daddy. As you can see by the look on Luke's face, it was getting near the end of the trip!

Matt and Luke's first birthday